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Hormones, Women, and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in American women, especially for those who started their periods early (before age 12) or reached menopause late (after age 55).

Breast cancer is more common among:

• older women
• women with no children
• women who delayed pregnancy until after age 30
• women who have used combination hormone therapy (estrogen plus progestin) for more than five years
• women whose mother, sister, or daughter has had breast cancer

Women can learn about their individual risk for the disease through a questionnaire based on the Gail Model (see the risk assessment website below). This questionnaire is used to calculate your chances for developing breast cancer within five years and during your lifetime by looking at several factors, including your age and any family history of the disease.

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Dr. Lysette Iglesias M.D.

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