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Bariatric Surgery and the Endocrine System: Benefits and Risks

Bariatric surgery helps people who are very obese to lose a lot of weight. It limits how much food your stomach can hold, making you feel full after just a small meal (called restriction), and sometimes also limits the calories and nutrients your body can absorb (called malabsorption). People have this type of surgery if other methods of weight loss have not worked for them and/or if they have serious health problems caused by obesity.

Bariatric surgery has both benefits and risks for your endocrine system—the network of glands that produce, store, and release hormones. Hormones play a part in your body’s energy balance, reproductive system, growth and development, and reactions to stress and injury. Different types of bariatric surgery vary in the kind and degree of risks and benefits.

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The Hormone Foundation

Dr. Lysette Iglesias M.D.

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